TRACY’S TRAVELS: A Month in My Skin – Chapter 1

So often people comment on my life of traveling the globe working with our fabulous PRIORI® partners so I wanted to share my secrets on how I keep my skin healthy as a “globetrotter!” I just recently took a month-long trip from the UK to New Zealand and Australia, and it was imperative that my skin stay in tiptop condition as I enthuse the PRIORI® passion in my seminars and events.

From previous messages and requests, I have been asked about my routine and how I maintain my skin. The true answer is that I don’t always follow the same product routine, but one thing I do consistently use is certain ingredients, all found in the PRIORI® Skincare line: DNA Repair Enzymes, Antioxidants and SPF – everyday, all year.


When a trip includes flying, my routine is very strict, and starts before my flight.

Pre-Travel Prep
Two nights before starting this journey, I performed one of our professional treatments at home, the Yoga Facial. (This is a nice perk of my job, and I am fully trained!) The CoffeeBerry® Botanical Enzyme Masque used in this treatment exfoliates, brightens and deeply hydrates my skin. My skin was soft like a peach afterwards!

The night before departure, I used Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque after cleansing with Idebenone Complex Facial Cleanser, leaving Replenishing Masque on so that it would “soak” itself deeply into my skin to better prepare it for the ravages of a 24-hour flight. After removing the masque, I applied Cellular Recovery Serum, Idebenone Eye Serum and a lovely layer of CoffeeBerry® Night Cream, ready for a good night’s sleep – essential in ensuring that my skin looks its best, especially with two days of traveling to follow!

Pre-travel prep products

Travel Day
My strict skincare routine continues into my travel day. I start the day using Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub, applying it to my skin when it is dry before stepping into the shower; this ensures that all dead skin cells are gently removed, and boosts the circulation in my skin as well.

After showering, I apply a full layer of CoffeeBerry® Body Shaping Complex; it instantly absorbs and is excellent at maintaining a boost of circulation, and it is almost like applying a serum before a moisturizer on the face. I follow with a double layer of my ultimate body favorite, Idebenone Complex Age Defying Body Cream. I think this product is truly amazing! After the first layer is absorbed, I follow it with a second layer, as we sometimes forget just how dehydrating airplanes are not just to the face, but the body as well!  The second layer helps ensure that I have my smooth-skin needs covered! Rich in antioxidants, Age Defying Body Cream’s texture is luxurious, and it helps to smooth and retexture my skin. It amazes me how sometimes when I arrive in my destination, and the skin on my body still feels like I just applied a body moisturizer.

Travel day body products

For my face, I apply a generous layer of Cellular Recovery Serum, which is rich in DNA Repair Enzymes to prevent the damages soon to come! Advanced AHA Smoothing Eye Serum is next for AHA’s and vitamins A, C, E and ProVit A. Smoothing Eye Serum also contains a muscle-relaxing peptide – a terrific treat for when those frown lines appear from spending time in queues and dealing with airport challenges!

A layer of Idebenone Complex Smooth Lines goes on next to help maintain the lipid barrier function in the surface of my skin, prevent dehydration and provide antioxidant protection with Idebenone Complex. Flight days would not be complete without my “first aid in a bottle” – Barrier Repair Complex. Beautiful, water based, yet rich in skin benefits, this helps ensure that my skin stays wonderfully and beautifully hydrated.

Travel day facial products

Since this trip includes more than 24 hours of flying time, my protection layer is always CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation with brush-on SPF 25. As a 100% natural mineral powder skincare product, it will help keep my skin looking even; will not clog pores; improve hydration levels; and keep redness at bay –  complete topical skin treatment! I always know that when I arrive to my destination, my skin will still look even and fresh due to its rock-solid staying power, Perfecting Minerals do not fade easily, so I get both long-lasting coverage and protection.

After drinking lots of herbal teas, water and, of course, taking PRIORI® Dietary Supplements regularly, I am ready and armed for a massive long flight to the other side of the world!

I pack my carry-on luggage with a few sachets of Cellular Recovery Serum and Barrier Repair Complex. As soon as my skin feels, tight I reapply these products. Since the Perfecting Minerals are all natural and non-comedogenic, I can apply these water-based products over them. My tip is to apply a small amount of either skincare product into the palms of your hands, then when you take your palms to your face, simply “press the product” into your skin. The Perfecting Minerals do not congest the surface at all – magic!

Before leaving home, I put some CoffeeBerry® Body Emulsion in a small travel bottle to have as an instant hydrator for my hands too. (My hands always feel like an old, dry leaf on a plane!) Rich in shea butter and beeswax, Body Emulsion offers welcome relief for airplane-dry hands and is great on cuticles while I fly, also helping to pass some time, pampering myself with a hand massage!

Stay tuned for chapter two, when I share my destination travel skincare secrets!