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IMPORTANT E-commerce Policy
www.prioriskincare.com, the official PRIORI® brand website, is a product knowledge, information and services website; it is not an e-commerce site.PRIORI® is The Anti-Aging Authority and is the most innovative source of anti-aging science and technology for the professional skincare market worldwide, providing beauty professionals with unparalleled treatments and anti-aging regimens, to experience a whole new level of skin rejuvenation beyond traditional cosmeceuticals.

Your first introduction to PRIORI® should always be through a PRIORI® Partner - a professional skincare therapist at a day, resort or medi spa, or at a beauty salon - for a personalized skin analysis to ensure that you receive the proper skincare recommendation to fit both your needs and lifestyle. In addition, PRIORI® Partners provide professional treatments to accelerate and maximize the results of PRIORI® homecare regimens.

For US customers, if a PRIORI® Partner is not located in your area, please navigate to "Get PRIORI®/USA" on this website to select an authorized PRIORI® Website Partner. Please note that authorized websites are only able to sell PRIORI® Skincare products within the USA and are not permitted to ship internationally.

If you are located outside of the US, please visit our website’s International section to contact a PRIORI® Partner in your country, who will be able to direct you to authorized websites. If there is not a PRIORI® Partner located in your country at this time, please check back regularly, as PRIORI® is a fast-growing company that is spreading worldwide very quickly!

PRIORI®'s goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, and to accomplish this, we highly recommend that when ordering PRIORI® Skincare products online, ONLY order from a PRIORI® Website Partner.

We strongly discourage you from purchasing from unauthorized sources like the ones mentioned (but not limited to) below:

  • www.101cosmetics.com
  • www.amazon.com — 101beautystore, CosmeticMall, Plenty Cosas Stores, TCP Global Corp
  • www.arulife.com
  • www.ebay.com
  • www.eskinstore.com
  • www.cosmeticmall.com
  • www.ozcosmetics.com
  • mx.ozcosmetics.com
  • www.skinsolutionstore.com
  • www.strawberrynet.com
  • www.skinmedix.com
  • buy.cosmeticsnow.co.uk
  • www.lolocosmetics.com
  • www.tomeloveme.com

Ordering from unauthorized websites allows potential for several risks:

1. improper and incorrect product advice,
2. not receiving products at all, and
3. purchasing outdated products.

In addition, unauthorized websites may sell counterfeit products and should be avoided, as PRIORI® cannot guarantee their authenticity. Due to the increased popularity and demand for our products, several counterfeit products posing as PRIORI® Skincare products have been created and are being sold online at cheaper prices. Although these products tend to look very similar to authentic PRIORI® Skincare products, more than likely, they are either watered down and/or contain potentially harmful ingredients.

If you have any doubts about a website that offers PRIORI® products, please be sure to contact us directly for authorization.