As summer ends, it’s also the start of a new school year for many and a time when new routines begin. It’s a perfect time for teens to incorporate caring for their skin into these new routines for a school year of blemish-free, healthy skin!

Acne, of course, is the main skin problem teens battle. Whether acne is an issue or not, however, caring for the skin is essential in keeping it healthy. Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals products are perfect for introducing a teen to the benefits of healthy skincare, as they work to improve skin health and fitness through internal moisturization of the skin and by improving skin exfoliation, leading to “normalized” skin function and better skin with gentle, non-irritating ingredients.

Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals products ideal for teen skincare include:

Gentle Facial Cleanser – Lightly lathers to wash away makeup, daily residue and skin impurities. Formulated free of fragrances and oils, it will not cause irritation or breakouts.

Perfection Facial Gel – Skin perfecting treatment for acne-prone skin that helps to unclog pores and minimize breakouts without drying the skin.

Barrier Repair Complex – Provides essential skin nutrients that help strengthen and repair skin barrier function. Helps replenish and revitalize impaired skin and is terrific for skin that may be sensitive due to breakouts.

Invigorating Face & Body Scrub – Gently exfoliates, leaving skin baby-soft, soothed and radiant. Helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones.

Replenishing Masque – Assists skin in two of its main functions – keeping water in and free radicals out. Helps skin feel revitalized with a smoother, more supple complexion.

Perfecting Foundation SPF 25 – Brush-on SPF 25 with CoffeeBerry®  extract are clinically proven to improve skin conditions, very versatile and can be applied lightly for a natural sheer cover, or layered for full coverage that looks naturally flawless.

With only a few products and simple steps, skincare goes a long way in achieving healthy skin with this Back-to-School Skincare Routine designed especially for teens:

Back-to-School Teen Skincare Routine

Daily (AM & PM))
Step 1                         Cleanse                     Gentle Facial Cleanser
Step 2                         Treat                          Perfection Facial Gel
Step 3                         Hydrate                     Barrier Repair Complex
Step 4 (AM only)         Protect                     Perfecting Foundation SPF 25

Step 1                         Exfoliate                    Invigorating Face & Body Scrub
Step 2                         Replenish                  Replenishing Masque

Added Tips

Have you been taking care of your back? After spending months “undercover,”  the back is suddenly on show during the warm summer months. While you may have been diligent in taking care of your face, a sudden panic sets in when a blemished back is revealed to the world in summer clothes! With higher temperatures leading to even more blocked pores, congestion can occur; in the treatment world, we use the term, “bacne,” for this condition. PRIORI® comes to the rescue for “bacne,” with homecare products and professional treatments to help get your back into show-off condition!

Cleansing is key to healthy skin! With alpha hydroxy acids to delicately exfoliate, Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser is perfect for the back area. Apply a couple of pumps to a back-strap in the shower and wash the back with this excellent blemish-improving cleanser. An alternative method is to place a small amount of Gentle Facial Cleanser with water into an empty squeeze bottle, and squeeze the solution across your shoulders, allowing the cleanser to cover your entire back before rinsing within the shower – simple!


Once or twice weekly, follow cleansing with Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub, which contains lactic acid and tiny exfoliating beads that simultaneously scrub and slough. Squeeze a small amount onto a back strap and wash the back from side to side for great exfoliation; or enlist the help of someone to apply the scrub directly to your dry skin prior to stepping into the shower for a deeper exfoliation. All areas prone to blemishes, including the tops of the arms and chest, will benefit from this step.

The “hero” product for maintaining a clear, blemish-free back is Advanced AHA Perfection Facial Gel. With high-strength lactic acid and  skin-clearing salicylic acid, Perfection Facial Gel works to quickly eradicate pimples and blemishes.

Incorporate Advanced AHA Revitalizing Hand & Body Lotion into your back skincare regimen. With enough Lactic Acid content to act as both a corrector and hydrator, a smooth, beautiful back and shoulder area will be revealed for summer skin-baring clothes!


Damage prevention is an important step to healthy skin.  Protect skin with Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30, which is a wonderfully lightweight sunscreen that is essential in any anti-aging skincare regimen. Add color, a smoother-looking appearance, plus SPF 25 protection to the back with CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation SPF 25; enhance the coverage with Sun Kissed for a show-stopping back!

PRIORI® offers an Advanced AHA Back Facial, which will really prep the skin for summer attire and is perfect for accelerated improvement of blemishes on the back area. The photos below show dramatic results achieved after just one 3-minute back peel.

After all topical skincare is taken care of, the ultimate skincare indulgence is to treat it from the inside. Advanced AHA Dietary Supplements are superb with healing sulphur to deep cleanse the skin from within, and fatty acids to improve skin’s texture. Taken daily, your skin – from head to toe – will benefit and thank you by revealing clearer, more radiant-looking skin.

Never look back – only forward – and with PRIORI®, we make that easy to do! Show off that beautiful back and shoulders with confidence!



Tanning is out and healthy, beautiful skin is in! Summer is here, and hopefully you’ve been diligent about protecting your skin and wearing SPF daily. Keeping your skin protected helps keep it beautiful for summer skin-baring attire! Enhance and highlight the beauty of your skin with a summer glow from head to toe with CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals. Believe it or not, they are NOT just for the face!

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation certainly isn’t your average mineral foundation!Clinically proven to improve the skin, Perfecting Minerals are the first and only 100% natural mineral collection infused with CoffeeBerry® extract to provide the most potent natural antioxidant protection and exceptional cosmeceutical grade anti-aging benefits. We’ve also found numerous other beautiful uses for Perfecting Minerals that are just the thing for a summer glow to go with your summer attire!

Skin Enhancer/Bronzer: Sun Kissed is an absolute must for summer beauty! It can be used all over as a sunless tanner by combining it with any of the PRIORI® body lotions for a warm summer glow. This combination has rock-solid staying power, yet washes off easily. Unlike self-tanners, you can see where you are applying it, making a smooth, even application absolutely effortless!

If a lighter shade is desired, ANY of the 6 Perfecting Foundations, as well as the Perfecting Concealer, can be used in this recipe for beautiful, glowing skin plus SPF 25 protection..

Eye Shadow: Compliment that warm glowing skin with your very own customized Perfecting Minerals eye shadow. You’re the boss here when it comes to the color – at least 23 different shade combinations can be created with the Perfecting Foundations, Concealer, Sun Kissed and Finishing Touch!

Blend Sun Kissed or any Perfecting Foundation with a small amount of water and voila – you have eye shadow! Mix any Perfecting Foundation shade with Perfecting Concealer or Finishing Touch, and the number of possible eye shadow shades actually becomes endless!

As an added bonus, your eyelids will get SPF 25 protection when using Perfecting Foundations and Concealer as eye shadow!

Lip Gloss: Top off the look of summer warmth by mixing Sun Kissed or any Perfecting Foundation/ Concealer with your favorite lip balm for a personalized lip gloss shade made especially for you by you! Your lips are going to gleam from the anti-aging benefits and SPF 25 protection!

Enjoy summer with a perfected glow with CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals!

So often people comment on my life of traveling the globe working with our fabulous PRIORI® partners so I wanted to share my secrets on how I keep my skin healthy as a “globetrotter!” I just recently took a month-long trip from the UK to New Zealand and Australia, and it was imperative that my skin stay in tiptop condition as I enthuse the PRIORI® passion in my seminars and events.

From previous messages and requests, I have been asked about my routine and how I maintain my skin. The true answer is that I don’t always follow the same product routine, but one thing I do consistently use is certain ingredients, all found in the PRIORI® Skincare line: DNA Repair Enzymes, Antioxidants and SPF – everyday, all year.


When a trip includes flying, my routine is very strict, and starts before my flight.

Pre-Travel Prep
Two nights before starting this journey, I performed one of our professional treatments at home, the Yoga Facial. (This is a nice perk of my job, and I am fully trained!) The CoffeeBerry® Botanical Enzyme Masque used in this treatment exfoliates, brightens and deeply hydrates my skin. My skin was soft like a peach afterwards!

The night before departure, I used Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque after cleansing with Idebenone Complex Facial Cleanser, leaving Replenishing Masque on so that it would “soak” itself deeply into my skin to better prepare it for the ravages of a 24-hour flight. After removing the masque, I applied Cellular Recovery Serum, Idebenone Eye Serum and a lovely layer of CoffeeBerry® Night Cream, ready for a good night’s sleep – essential in ensuring that my skin looks its best, especially with two days of traveling to follow!

Pre-travel prep products

Travel Day
My strict skincare routine continues into my travel day. I start the day using Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub, applying it to my skin when it is dry before stepping into the shower; this ensures that all dead skin cells are gently removed, and boosts the circulation in my skin as well.

After showering, I apply a full layer of CoffeeBerry® Body Shaping Complex; it instantly absorbs and is excellent at maintaining a boost of circulation, and it is almost like applying a serum before a moisturizer on the face. I follow with a double layer of my ultimate body favorite, Idebenone Complex Age Defying Body Cream. I think this product is truly amazing! After the first layer is absorbed, I follow it with a second layer, as we sometimes forget just how dehydrating airplanes are not just to the face, but the body as well!  The second layer helps ensure that I have my smooth-skin needs covered! Rich in antioxidants, Age Defying Body Cream’s texture is luxurious, and it helps to smooth and retexture my skin. It amazes me how sometimes when I arrive in my destination, and the skin on my body still feels like I just applied a body moisturizer.

Travel day body products

For my face, I apply a generous layer of Cellular Recovery Serum, which is rich in DNA Repair Enzymes to prevent the damages soon to come! Advanced AHA Smoothing Eye Serum is next for AHA’s and vitamins A, C, E and ProVit A. Smoothing Eye Serum also contains a muscle-relaxing peptide – a terrific treat for when those frown lines appear from spending time in queues and dealing with airport challenges!

A layer of Idebenone Complex Smooth Lines goes on next to help maintain the lipid barrier function in the surface of my skin, prevent dehydration and provide antioxidant protection with Idebenone Complex. Flight days would not be complete without my “first aid in a bottle” – Barrier Repair Complex. Beautiful, water based, yet rich in skin benefits, this helps ensure that my skin stays wonderfully and beautifully hydrated.

Travel day facial products

Since this trip includes more than 24 hours of flying time, my protection layer is always CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation with brush-on SPF 25. As a 100% natural mineral powder skincare product, it will help keep my skin looking even; will not clog pores; improve hydration levels; and keep redness at bay –  complete topical skin treatment! I always know that when I arrive to my destination, my skin will still look even and fresh due to its rock-solid staying power, Perfecting Minerals do not fade easily, so I get both long-lasting coverage and protection.

After drinking lots of herbal teas, water and, of course, taking PRIORI® Dietary Supplements regularly, I am ready and armed for a massive long flight to the other side of the world!

I pack my carry-on luggage with a few sachets of Cellular Recovery Serum and Barrier Repair Complex. As soon as my skin feels, tight I reapply these products. Since the Perfecting Minerals are all natural and non-comedogenic, I can apply these water-based products over them. My tip is to apply a small amount of either skincare product into the palms of your hands, then when you take your palms to your face, simply “press the product” into your skin. The Perfecting Minerals do not congest the surface at all – magic!

Before leaving home, I put some CoffeeBerry® Body Emulsion in a small travel bottle to have as an instant hydrator for my hands too. (My hands always feel like an old, dry leaf on a plane!) Rich in shea butter and beeswax, Body Emulsion offers welcome relief for airplane-dry hands and is great on cuticles while I fly, also helping to pass some time, pampering myself with a hand massage!

Stay tuned for chapter two, when I share my destination travel skincare secrets!

Put your best feet forward with one of  PRIORI®’s amazing “medi-pedis” – they’re like a facial but for your feet! After only one treatment, feet will feel softer, smoother and more hydrated, revealing youthful feet once again!. Stepping barefoot in the grass will have never felt better without hard, rough skin and unsightly heals! Spring is time for cute, opened-toed shoes – make sure that your look their absolute best! Book a PRIORI® pedicure today!

PRIORI®’s range of pedicures all utilize either chemical peels with AHAs, BHAs, or enzyme-based specialized treatments. These 60-minute treatments are so relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing…your feet are going to love you, and you will leave with an energized spring in your step!

    • Tired feet will especially benefit from Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals Advanced Hydrating Pedicure. Considered a “medi-pedi,” this treatment provides advanced exfoliation, restoring both softness and smoothness and leaves the legs and feet hydrated, revitalized and nourished. Multi-functional antioxidantshelp protect the skin while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits.
    • Feet age, too, and if yours seem to be looking a little older than they should, give the Idebenone Complex Superceuticals® Age-Reversal Pedicure a test drive! It is an amazingly rejuvenating, refreshing treatment that works to restore theskin’s appearance and texture. This multi-tasking treatment also treats dehydration, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and other signs of skin aging.
    • PRIORI®’s CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ Naturally Anti-Aging Pedicure is an intensive anti-aging treatment for the feet. Natural ingredients, such as botanicals and vitamins, are combined with the clinically proven anti-aging power of CoffeeBerry® extract for softer, smoother legs and feet that also appear healthier and more youthful.

Check out this video, and you will see that this is not your regular pedicure!

Treat yourself to a mini spa foot treatment at home between pedicures:

      1. Cleanse each foot with Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser, mixed with a small amount of water
      2. Scrub feet thoroughly with Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub.
      3. Remove the Invigorating Face & Body Scrub with a warm, dampened hand towel, followed by a dry towel.
      4. Clip or file the toenails as needed and file your feet.
      5. Apply Gentle Facial Cleanser once again with a tiny amount of water and leave onyour feet for about 5 minutes for a “beauty flash” treatment; the cleanser contains AHA’s, BHA’s and antioxidants that will help refresh and rejuvenate the skin.
      6. Remove the Gentle Facial Cleanser with dampened towels.
      7. Follow with a thick layer of the Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque onto the feet and lower legs and leave on for 10 minutes.
      8. Perform a massage on the leg and feet using the Replenishing Masque
      9. as a massage medium to get the circulation in your legs flowing.
      10. After the Replenishing Masque has remained on feet for 10 minutes, top it with Advanced AHA Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion, massaging into the feet and lower legs. Applying the Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion on top of any remaining Replenishing Masque will result in smooth, rested and more youthful feet!
      11. Remove the Gentle Facial Cleanser with dampened towels.
      12. Follow with a thick layer of the Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque onto the feet and lower legs and leave on for 10 minutes.
      13. Perform a massage on the leg and feet using the Replenishing Masque as a massage medium to get the circulation in your legs flowing.
      14. After the Replenishing Masque has remained on feet for 10 minutes, top it with Advanced
        AHA Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion
        , massaging into the feet and lower legs. Applying the Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion on top of any remaining Replenishing Masque will result in smooth, rested and more youthful feet!

Trains, planes and automobiles! Whether you are a frequent traveler for business or an occasional traveler for leisure, the fact is that traveling affects your skin – dehydration, dark circles and puffiness are just a few of the most noticeable consequences. But with PRIORI® by your side during your travels, your skin will look and feel more radiant with products to help hydrate, protect and revive your skin! PRIORI®’s National Educator, Sarah Marquez, shares some of her “skincare on the go” secrets:

In-Flight Skin Savers: HYDRATION is KEY!!!
Because of their size, many PRIORI® eye serums and hydrators fall under 3.4 oz. TSA liquid carry-on rule. These are must-haves and the perfect carry-on essentials! Apply before, during and after travel for the most beautiful results.

Did you know that PRIORI® eye serums contain “Interference Pearls” to illuminate the eye area? (Talk about instant gratification!)

At 1.7 fl. oz. each, PRIORI® hydrators also fall under TSA guidelines for carry-ons. TIP: Perform a mini facial massage when applying products to increase circulation and a healthy glow, and use what’s left to hydrate dry hands!.

Keep your Skin PROTECTED!
Prevent free radical and UV damage with antioxidant-rich, broad spectrum SPFs!

Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30, Idebenone Radical Defense SPF 30/EPF® 95+, CoffeeBerry® Natural Daily Protection SPF 25, CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundations and Concealer with SPF 25 provide Total Topical Anti-Aging Protection as you travel.

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals with SPF 25 provides beautiful lightweight coverage that promotes a healthy complexion and keep you even toned, shine free and hydrated with an extra layer of antioxidants as you fly and travel.

Tip: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the neck, chest and back of hands!

It is also important to drink lots of water or juice during travel. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your skin, and there will be plenty of time to enjoy coffee and cocktails once you reach your destination!

Once you reach your destination, revive your skin with Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque and Cellular Recovery Serum to help erase signs of skin damage and deeply replenish hydration.

Leave Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque on for 10-15 minutes, then follow with Cellular Recovery Serum to help revive travel-stressed skin.

Wishing you safe and beautiful travels!

April is designated as Rosacea Awareness Month by the National Rosacea Society (NRS). For us at PRIORI®,it is something that we are very passionate about and want to raise awareness for long after April is ended. As many as 45 million people worldwide suffer from rosacea! That is an astonishing number, and what is even more surprising is that only a small fraction is being treated for it.


Typical signs of rosacea include frequent flushing/blushing, persistent redness, bumps and pimples, and visible blood vessels. Other symptoms from this disorder can include burning and stinging, skin thickening and even swelling; symptoms can also develop beyond the face, appearing on areas such as the neck and chest. It is common for symptoms of rosacea to appear after the age of 30, starting simply as redness on the cheeks, nose or forehead. Rosacea has no boundries – it can affect all people and all skin types.

While treatment for rosacea should be evaluated by a physician, proper skin care should also be considered. PRIORI® Skincare products are free of artificial fragrances, which can irritate rosacea conditions, and many PRIORI® products and professional treatment regimens have been clinically proven to help improve rosacea:

Results after using a PRIORI® Skincare regimen of Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser, Smoothing Eye Serum, Perfection Facial Gel, and Daily Defense SPF 30 twice daily for 3 weeks.

Results after 6 weekly Idebenone Complex* Professional Treatments.


The photos below show results for the treatment of reddening of the skin using a PRIORI® Skincare regimen of Idebenone Complex Smooth Lines twice daily for six weeks. A 58% improvement in redness was shown in this study.


CoffeeBerry®** Perfecting Minerals are the only minerals with CoffeeBerry® extract that are clinically proven to improve rosacea. A clinical study study showed a 23% improvement in red pigmentation (rosacea) after a 7-week regimen of Perfecting Minerals. Perfecting Minerals are the foundation of choice for rosacea suffers; they are 100% natural, gentle to the skin, and while the minerals help to conceal redness, they also work to help improve rosacea conditions.

Study subjects are not wearing Perfecting Minerals.


If you suffer from rosacea, ask your physician or skincare professional about incorporating PRIORI® Skincare products into your regimen. A PRIORI® Skincare regimen can be a simple step in a rosacea sufferer’s quest for relief!

For more information on rosacea, PRIORI® recommends visiting the National Rosacea Society’s website (



Results may vary.

*The Idebenone technology is protected by numerous US and International patents: AU 767 909, CA 2 375 537, CN ZL 00 809 884.0, EP 1 194 115, US 6,756,045, ZA 2002/0053, HK 05 101 647.0, NO 2002-0071, BR PI 00 11 958-0. Additional patents pending.

**Protected by US and International pending patents. The CoffeeBerry® trademark and related pending patents are exclusively licensed by J&J Technologies, LC.


Top 10 tips to spring into healthy, revived skin!

Goodbye to the cold, dreary days of winter, and hello to the warm, fresh days of spring! Although you may be ready for spring, is your skin? Winter may have taken its toll, leaving skin dull, dehydrated and stressed; turn to PRIORI®’s tips to spring into healthy, revived skin that glows like fresh morning dew on the bright new flowers of spring!

1. Total Topical Anti-Aging Protection!
Year-round use of sunscreens is key to maintaining youthful skin! Kick your protection up a notch with PRIORI® sunscreens, which contain antioxidants to provide Total Topical Anti-Aging Protection and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation!

2. Exfoliate
Winter’s buildup of the stratum corneum (the dead, outermost skin cell layer) can make the skin appear blotchy and uneven. Exfoliate winter skin away with Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and to spring into smoother skin.

3. Hydrate from Within
Great skin starts within! Hydrated skin is healthy skin and is the first step to avoiding dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Be sure to get enough hydration daily for dewy spring skin.

4. Replenish
Stressed winter skin may need extra attention. Treat skin weekly with Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque to repair, replenish and restore it, giving it a kick start into spring!

5. Brighten
Brighter skin is in order for the brighter spring days! Idebenone Complex Even Tones and CoffeeBerry® Brightening Facial Complex have remarkable brightening effects on skin, lightening stubborn brown spots.

6. DNA Repair
Give skin a boost this spring with Cellular Recovery Serum. With specialized, unique DNA Repair Enzymes, daily use will help reverse signs of DNA damage, revealing fresher-looking spring skin even faster!

7. Fake It!
Don’t be a victim of tanning! Top off your spring look with a CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals foundation of your choice for skin that looks as if it has been perfectly kissed by the sun! Apply Perfecting Foundation to the body by mixing it with a PRIORI® Body Lotion for a dewy spring glow without the damage, plus brush-on SPF 25 and free radical protection!

8. Hydrate
A body moisturizer, such as Advanced AHA Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion, which contains AHAs, can plump dry winter skin, helping it to instantly appear less wrinkled for a skin-revealing spring wardrobe!

9. Bikini Body Prep
Add clinically proven CoffeeBerry® Body Shaping Complex to your spring skincare regimen to help improve skin tone, promote smoother body contours, and soften the skin. This must-have spring product is perfect for problem-prone areas, such hips, thighs and abdomen, or any other area where cellulite is a concern. Clinical studies showed a reduction in size of thighs when used regularly over a 4-week period, making spring the ideal time to start using Body Shaping Complex to prep for bikini season!

10. Eat Your Skincare
Supplement spring skin with essential nutrients to help give radiant topical results. Full of antioxidants, PRIORI® Dietary Supplements are a spring secret weapon for combating external damage that winter free radicals may have left behind.

The start of a new year is time for resolutions! Without a doubt, healthier lifestyles are at the top of the list for New Year’s resolutions, and at already nearly a month into 2013, many of us have been feverishly exercising, sticking to our promises for a healthier year.

Exercise isn’t only terrific for the body – it offers many benefits to your skin, too! While you’re catching your breath after a workout, your skin is releasing toxins; your blood circulation is dramatically improving; and the post-workout radiant glow on your skin helps it look beautiful, healthy and supple. Sometimes, however, at the start of an exercise program, your skin may not seem too happy with the sudden increase in activity – especially if it is still recovering from the effects of too much holiday indulgences! Exercise breakouts occur when sweat mixes with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, and can overwhelm pores, leading to clogging. While this may not seem like good news, there is a silver lining: If we know what causes sweat-induced breakouts, we can prevent them!

Incorporate a healthy skin care regimen that works well with your new fitness routine for a healthier you in 2013 – all the way around – with these PRIORITY Top 10 Tips:

  1. Because of the “work-out glow” that occurs during exercise, towels can be essential during a tough session; the key, however, is correct use of them! Rather than rubbing your face with a towel to remove excess sweat, gently pat the skin with it instead. Vigorous rubbing can irritate pores, causing inflammation and breakouts, leading to workout blemishes.
  2. Use products that offer non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) properties, and use an oil-free base, such as Cellular Recovery Serum, Moisturizing Facial Cream or Barrier Repair Complex.
  3. SPF protection is one of the most important steps in a healthy skincare regimen. When exercising outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions are – snow, rain, wind or sun – always cover exposed skin with an SPF, because UVA and UVB rays are present year round! Choosing an SPF with antioxidants, such as Radical Defense EPF® 95+/SPF 30, Daily Defense SPF 30 or Natural Daily Protection SPF 25, will offer total topical anti-aging protection, helping to prevent further damage to the skin.
  4. If you wear foundation while exercising, use a light mineral skincare product. A rich foundation can feel unpleasant and usually does not hold up well to workouts, not to mention that many contain ingredients that clog pores. CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundations SPF 25 are the ideal choice for those who wear foundation to the gym; not only are they non-comedegenic, but they also offer anti-inflammatory benefits that will help combat workout redness.
  5. Applying lotion before swimming helps prevent chlorine from drying the skin, and should be especially applied to the face, décolleté and hands. A layer of SPF, such as Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30, serves as a great barrier for the skin. Shower after swimming and replace lost moisture from harsh chlorine water with Age Defying Body Cream, Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion or Body Emulsion.
  6. A short, warm shower using mild products is ideal post-exercise; hot water rinses away too much of the skin’s own oil, and cold showers can cause sweating to quickly start again. Use a cleanser for the face and body that has a mild pH-value, because this is similar to the skin’s own pH, such as Revitalizing Cleanser.
  7. The sooner you remove excess sweat and oil after exercise, the less likely blemishes will appear. Acne-prone skin should be treated with an anti-blemish, yet gentle cleanser, such as Gentle Facial Cleanser. For normal skin, Revitalizing Cleanser or Facial Cleanser will leave skin soft and smooth.
  8. If you are prone to “bacne” or other body breakouts, Invigorating Face & Body Scrub should be a gym bag staple! With the correct blend of AHAs, plus tiny polyethylene beads to polish away dead skin cells, weekly use helps keep the pores clear from head to toe.
  9. Calm down a reddened complexion by using soothing agents post-shower. Redness-remedy hero, Barrier Repair Complex, is excellent for calming and soothing the skin and serves as an all-around “first-aid” for all skin types. For a more intensive treatment, try Replenishing Masque; add a thick layer after cleansing and leave on for 10 minutes; after rinsing off the masque, apply Barrier Repair Complex for nourished, radiant skin. This treatment is ideal for weekly use in helping to maintain healthy skin.
  10. Blemish suffers’ must-have gym bag item is Perfection Facial Gel. So versatile, Perfection Facial Gel can be used on isolated areas, such as blackhead-prone spots, T-Zone and individual blemishes, or as an all-over skin corrector for oily complexions.

Follow these simple pre- and post-workout skincare tips, and you’ll find those annoying sweat-induced pimples clearing up in no time!

Remember, one of the keys to having a healthy body and glowing complexion is also what goes into the body. PRIORI® Dietary Supplements help achieve clear, radiant skin, assist with skin irregularities, and provide antioxidant protection from within. The more exertion that results from exercising, the more free radicals the body makes, so be sure to treat your skin from both inside and out. Drink plenty of water, as replacing fluids into the body is good for the skin too!

Be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work in reaching your New Year’s goals! Treat yourself to a PRIORI® Professional Treatment! From peels, to WOW Factor Facials to Yoga Facial with Massages, to Age Reverals Body Treatments, PRIORI®  offers a tremendous range of professional face and body treatments to help healthy skin while feeling pampered.

Here’s to a healthier, brighter you in 2013! We at PRIORI® hope that 2013 will be hugely successful for you on every level!

If you’re using CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals, it’s likely that you use Perfecting Minerals brushes as well! Not only do they provide flawless application of the Perfecting Minerals, but they are also eco-friendly and cruelty free with handles made from bamboo, stems made from recycled aluminum and bristles made from taklon.  Several  have said that these are the “best brushes in the industry” and that they are super soft, holding the minerals very well without losing bristles like many other brushes do.


Several have said that these are the “best brushes in the industry” and that they are super soft, holding the minerals very well without losing bristles like many other brushes do.

Applying Perfecting Minerals with these very soft brushes provides a mini-massage that temporarily helps to increase the blood circulation in the skin. Each brush gently massages and invigorates the skin, providing a pleasurable experience with perfect application of Perfecting Minerals brush-on SPF 25.

The brushes’ taklon bristles offer anti-bacterial properties; however, it is still very important that the brushes be cleaned weekly so that they will stay fresh and last longer. Perfecting Minerals brushes should be handled with care, as they are important tools in a Perfecting Minerals skincare regimen!

For thorough but gentle cleansing, we suggest the following steps for weekly cleaning of Perfecting Minerals brushes:

  1. Place 2–3 pumps of CoffeeBerry® Revitalizing Cleanser in a bowl and add warm water.
  2. Mix the cleanser and water together before swirling the bristles in the mixture.  Be careful not to allow the handle to become wet. This is very important because the glue in the handle keeps the bristles secure, and allowing water to get into the handle can damage it and cause your brushes to lose the taklon bristles.
  3. Swirl the bristles in the water mixture for approximately 2 minutes.
  4. Empty the bowl and add warm, clean water; swirl bristles in the water for 1 minute, repeating the process and changing the water until it is clean.
  5. Gently shake off excess water (do not press out the water) and lay flat on a clean surface to air dry or stand the brush up bristles facing down.

Sarah Marquez, National Trainer for PRIORI® demonstrates step-by-step instructions for cleaning your Perfecting Minerals in the video below for both at-home and in-spa uses:


Cleansing Your Perfecting Minerals Brushes Video