Superceuticals® Skincare with Idebenone

Idebenone Skincare Superceuticals®
Idebenone offers you a new level of Topical Skin Protection – EPF® 95+ and a whole new level of skin rejuvenation – hyper-potent antioxidant!

It’s tempting to call Idebenone the ultimate source of cell vitality – and it is! Idebenone is a Superceuticals®, multi-functional analog of Coenzyme Q10, a natural respiratory chain antioxidant found in all cellular plasma and mitochondrial membranes that plays an essential role in the energy production of a cell. Unfortunately, Coenzyme Q10 is a large molecule that is not easily absorbed through the skin. Its bioengineered analog, Idebenone, is about 60% smaller.

Its smaller molecular size permits Idebenone to be absorbed topically and to be distributed into areas of the skin where it can effectively scavenge and neutralize both external and internal sources of oxidative stress.

Idebenone has been successfully used to treat a variety of age related disorders including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cerebrovascular dementia. The anti-aging health benefits of Idebenone have been studied extensively and reported in more than 250 published scientific articles. Visit for more information.