Summer-Parched Skin: Hydrators to the Rescue!

Summer has come to an official close, and with the start of the fall season, skin may feel parched after months of outdoor, warm-weather activities. Dehydrated skin can be caused by both internal and external factors and can affect all skin types – even oily skin. Sun exposure and time spent at the pool or beach over summer are key external factors that lead to the internal problem of parched, dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin lacks water and can feel tight and dry and appear flaky. Important steps in relieving summer-parched skin and replenishing are drinking plenty of water and adding hydrators to your skincare regimen.

The body is composed of approximately 60% water. A large of amount of water is depleted from the body daily, especially during warmer months due to more perspiration. To help replenish moisture from within and achieve more youthful-looking skin, drink up! Drinking at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day not only helps to keep your skin looking beautiful, but it also keeps your energy level up and helps your body flush out harmful toxins from major organs. Drinking water is beneficial to the body in many ways:

Applying hydrators to the face and body will drastically improve the condition of dehydrated skin. Look for ingredients that will “lock in” moisture and occlusive ingredients that will prevent TEWL(transepidermal water loss), such as like glycerin, beeswax and shea butter. Use products that contain ingredients that will help stimulate moisturization from within, such as lactic acid. Lactic acid is superior to all other AHAs (70-95% more effective than glycolic acid) at increasing hyaluronic acid deposition in the skin; this makes lactic acid the AHA of choice for increasing the skin’s natural moisture content, which is critical in the treatment of aging skin!

PRIORI® hydrators are chockfull of ingredients that help hydrate the skin:

Advanced AHA Barrier Repair Complex: 2% LCA Complex (1% L-Lactic Compound 1% MFAS), Fortifying Epidermal Complex (Ceramide 3, Cholesterol, Essential Fatty Acids)

Idebenone Complex  Moisturizing Facial CreamAHA (15% Lactic Compound), Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Urea, Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate

CoffeeBerry® Night Complex: Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Glycerin


Here’s to saying goodbye to summer-parched skin and hello to healthy fall skin!