Spring Break PRIORIties!

Aaahhh…the signs of spring are in the air, and we will all be officially kicking off spring soon with SPRING BREAK! You may be ready to “spring” into spring, but is your skin? After several months of harsh winter conditions, it may need a little help for your spring break plans, and it’s PRIORI® Skincare to the rescue to help get your skin looking as fresh as the new blossoms and signs of spring that surround us!



PRIORI® Facial

PRIORI® offers 16 facials that will “spring” your skin into shape in no time! All provide immediate gratification, while a series will reveal even more intensive results. Whether you need firming and tightening, minimization of fine lines and wrinkles, or soothing and calming, PRIORI® has a facial perfect for your skincare concerns!


Revitalize Your Eyes!

Treat the area that shows the most visible signs of aging first – the eye area! PRIORI® Professional Eye Treatments will help reveal an immediate, more youthful appearance, treating winter weather damage to this delicate zone with a vengeance!


Rockin’ Body Treatments

Help get yourself swimsuit ready even faster with PRIORI®’s body treatments. Offering a myriad of benefits, such as reducing inches, minimizing the appearance of cellulite and smoothing skin texture, you’ll be rockin’ that bikini in no time!


For more information on PRIORI®’s professional treatments, please visit the links below:

Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals Professional Treatments

Idebenone Complex Superceuticals®  Professional Treatments

CoffeeBerry® Natureceuitcals™ Professional Treatments


CoffeeBerry® Body Shaping Complex

When a homecare regimen of Body Shaping Complex is combined with PRIORI®’s professional body treatments, expect sizzling results! Results from an expert-graded, double-blind study showed between a 0.25-1.25 inch reduction in thigh circumference with an overall average reduction of 0.55 inches* with this must-have product!

*average change after 8 weeks, twice daily application


Starter Kit

Start a spring skincare regimen with a PRIORI® starter kit, which includes a cleanser and corrector – perfect for achieving skin radiance while helping to correct damage that Old Man Winter may have left behind. With a stylish and free PRIORI® travel bag, conveniently take your Starter Kit on the go during your spring break travels!


Boost the Power of Your PRIORI® Skincare Products

Time is of the essence in getting your skin looking its best for spring break. Jumpstart your PRIORI® spring skincare regimen with Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex™ for faster, more visible anti-aging results.



Protection & Perfection!

A free kabuki, powder or concealer brush with a Perfecting Minerals purchase makes adding this banging SPF product to your spring break PRIORIties irresistible!

Get more bang out of your SPF protection by choosing CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals. Perfecting Minerals is the only mineral skincare line with CoffeeBerry® extract that is clinically proven to improve dry skin by 39% and reduce skin redness by 23% when used daily – even better is that it doubles as your foundation! It’s super lightweight – perfect for fun-in-the-sun spring break activities – and provides a dewy glow, just like morning spring flowers!

Give your skin an instant glow, looking as if you just returned from a 2-week vacation, with Sun Kissed. Sun Kissed can be used as an all-over complexion booster, blush or bronzer and infuses radiance and a healthy, youthful look to your skin.