PRIORI® Winter Solutions Step 2: Correct

Correction – your home “treatment” step –  is the most powerful step in a winter skincare routine, as it helps to improve moisture retention, cell renewal and nourishment. This is just what is needed for these harsh winter months, when skin can become especially dehydrated and sensitive. This step will also provide the biggest impact in treating and correcting skin challenges. Correctors should always be applied immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing/hydrating.

Advanced AHA Skin Renewal CreamAdvanced AHA Skin Renewal Cream is ideal for many skin types and conditions. When used daily, it gently exfoliates, enabling moisturizers to function more effectively, while increasing the skin’s natural moisture levels and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Renewal Cream also improves skin’s texture and radiance, revealing a softer, smoother complexion.

Idebenone Complex Smooth LinesIdebenone Complex* Smooth Lines contains skin-strengthening ingredients and works at the cellular level to protect and correct the skin. Essential fatty acids and ceramides help the skin to feel delightfully nourished during the winter months and helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function. While working to keep skin radiant during the cold-weather season, Smooth Lines will also help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and protect the skin from damage caused by oxidative stress. Smooth Lines is great for when it’s cold outside and warm inside – the extremes of hot and cold temperatures play havoc with your skin’s natural barrier function.

CoffeCoffeeBerry® Day ComplexeBerry®** Day Complex is ideal for dry, flaky skin and contains nourishing, all-natural ingredients, such as shea butter, beeswax and aloe vera, for soothing, calming and firming effects. With superior hydration benefits, it’s like a luxurious cashmere sweater for your skin! CoffeeBerry® extract, nature’s most potent anti-aging botanical, will also help protect the skin from winter’s damaging free radicals.

Cellular Recovery Serum Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex™ is superior for helping skin to stay supple and healthy during the winter months. Made from botanical and microbial sources of DNA repair enzymes to repair cellular damage, Cellular Recovery Serum is full of key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe, calm, and provide superior moisturization. Consider it an “insurance policy” for your skin; protect and repair damage that is unseen!

We’re not the only ones who think Cellular Recovery Serum is a superior skincare product; the following is an excerpt from a recent raving review of Cellular Recovery Serum from Hooked on Beauty (

“One client in her 50′s said that within weeks her skin looked more radiant and she used less makeup as a result. She said it gave her hope that using good skincare could make enough of an impact so she could stop using Botox. Another in her late 30′s said that her skin was much smoother and she had fewer dry patches that typically appear this time of year. But a friend in her 50′s said the stuff was a downright miracle and she could definitely see fewer wrinkles and sun spots.” Read the full review at

You are well on your way to beautiful skin this winter with PRIORI® Winter Solutions!

PRIORI® Winter Solutions:

Step 1: Exfoliate

Step 2: Correct

Stay tuned for PRIORI® Winter Solutions Step 3: Hydrate!


*The Idebenone technology is protected by numerous US and International patents: AU 767 909, CA 2 375 537, CN ZL 00 809 884.0, EP 1 194 115, US 6,756,045, ZA 2002/0053, HK 05 101 647.0, NO 2002-0071, BR PI 00 11 958-0. Additional patents pending.

**Protected by US and International pending patents. The CoffeeBerry® trademark and related pending patents are exclusively licensed by J&J Technologies, LC.