PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 5: Protect

Sun protection is needed year round – not only in the summer months when we may be exposed to the sun a bit more. Fall, as well as winter and spring, should not be overlooked when it comes to protecting our skin from the harmful effects the sun can impose on our skin!


PRIORI® Skincare offers ten SPF products that all bear the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation and provide both UVA and UVB protection. Rich in antioxidants, these sunscreens protect from the sun’s damaging rays, provide essential UVA protection for the prevention of dermal aging, and help defend against the harmful effects free radicals can cause, providing total topical anti-aging and sun protection.

Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 25 contains a self-generating Multi-Functional Antioxidant Sequence, which includes essential vitamin antioxidants for continuous protection against free radicals. CoffeeBerry® Natural Daily Protection SPF 25 is a 98.4% natural, lightly tinted SPF 25, that also hydrates skin; its star ingredient, CoffeeBerry®, is three times more effective than green tea or any other natural source of antioxidants (based on ORAC value).

Idebenone Complex Radical Defense SPF 30 delivers the highest EPF® value of any antioxidant, EPF® 95+, with Idebenone Complex. Radical Defense provides both internal and external free radial protection for a high level of skin rejuvenation.

Finally, the CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals product range includes seven products with brush-on SPF 25. Perfecting Minerals is the only skin-caring mineral foundation line with the antioxidant benefits of CoffeeBerry® extract that is clinically proven to improve skin conditions. Clinical studies showed a 39% increase in moisture and a 31% improvement overall (global) skin condition after 7 weeks of daily wear. While protecting the skin and improving its condition, Perfecting Minerals also provide flawless coverage for a health-looking complexion.

If you’ve been following PRIORI® Fall Solutions steps 1-4, you should be well on your way to having fantastic fall skin! Now protect and maintain the benefits of hydrating, brightening, treating and repairing by adding a PRIORI® SPF product to your DAILY skincare regimen!

Stay tuned for PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 6: Enhance!