PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 4: Repair


Double your fight against free radical damage by adding Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex™ to your fall skincare regimen! Cellular Recovery Serum is a universal, all-natural product designed to boost the anti-aging performance and effectiveness of any skincare regimen for faster, more visible results.

Cellular Recovery Serum encourages cells to self-heal and rejuvenate for faster, visible anti-aging results. The DNA Repair Enzymes in Cellular Recovery Serum have been shown to:

  • diminish the effects of harmful UV radiation
  • reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation
  • reverse cellular DNA damage


1. DNA damaged by free radicals 2. DNA repair enzymes excise the damage 3. DNA returned to healthy normal state








With key antioxidants to help prevent further damage and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Cellular Recovery Serum also soothes and calms the skin and provides superior hydration – perfect for fall skincare!

Even though it’s fall, summer’s free radical damage may still be lingering. Taking steps to repair this damage now will result in healthier skin even faster, so PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 4 is certainly one not to be missed for fabulous fall skin!


PRIORI® Fall Solutions

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Step 4: Repair

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