PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 2: Brighten

More than likely, you were exposed to more free radicals than usual during the summer months, leaving you with irregular pigmentation, uneven skin tones and dull skin. (Free radicals are notorious for this!). Fall is the time to fade these all-too-common “scars of summer!”

Skincare regimen of Brightening Facial Complex – 8 weeks, double blind, twice daily use, dermatologist expert grader evaluation, 10-subject clinical study. Results may vary.

CoffeeBerry®* Brightening Facial Complex is a perfect solution for treating these end-of-summer skin conditions. This hard-working, all-natural skin brightener is designed to reduce irregular pigmentation while it moisturizes and soothes the skin, making Brightening Facial Complex a multi-functional product with a sundry of benefits. This product truly showcases the “power of nature” and captures the definition of Natureceuticals™  – all natural products with cosmeceutical results.

Idebenone Complex** Even Tones can take brightening and evening of skin tones to an entirely new level with its powerful combination of Idebenone Complex, the most potent anti-aging antioxidant, and Methyl Gentisate. While this effective ingredient duo is helping to diminish uneven skin tones, Lactic Acid and Retinol are working in conjunction to encourage brighter skin by increasing cell turnover and exfoliation.

In a clinical study, Even Tones showed a 97% improvement in skin pigmentation after 8 weeks of twice daily usage

Brightening Facial Complex and Even Tones are also perfect for other uneven-toned areas of the body that may have been exposed a little too much to the sun this summer, such as the neck, hands and arms.

Incorporate either of these stellar products into your skincare routine now to help kiss those “scars of summer” goodbye, leaving you with a more beautiful, even complexion this fall!






PRIORI® Fall Solutions

Step 1:  Hydrate

Step 2:  Brighten

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**Protected by US and International pending patents. The CoffeeBerry® trademark and related pending patents are exclusively licensed by J&J Technologies, LC.
**The Idebenone technology is protected by numerous US and International patents: AU 767 909, CA 2 375 537, CN ZL 00 809 884.0, EP 1 194 115, US 6,756,045, ZA 2002/0053, HK 05 101 647.0, NO 2002-0071, BR PI 00 11 958-0. Additional patents pending.