PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 1: Hydrate

Months of playing in the summer sun can easily leave us with dehydrated skin. Combine this with the drying effects that air conditioning may have had on it, too, and your skin is probably absolutely parched!

Needless to say, a moisturizer is in order to hydrate and prepare the skin for fall. Moisturizers protect skin from the inundation of harsh elements that constantly surround us, providing a barrier between the skin and air. Moisturizers are not only for dry skin; oily skin conditions require it, too.

Add Advanced AHA Barrier Repair Complex to your skincare regimen to serve as “first aid” for an impaired skin barrier function. Barrier Repair Complex quickly imparts skin with the extra care it needs after summer damage to normalize it. It contains LCA Complex, a fortifying epidermal complex and anti-irritant complex, that nourishes and soothes summer-stressed skin.

For the ultimate rehydration experience, PRIORI® recommends Idebenone Complex* Moisturizing Facial Cream. Chockfull of essential fatty and lactic acids to encourage the skin to moisturize from within, Moisturizing Facial Cream is clinically proven to increase skin moisturization by up to 251%, with long-lasting hydration up to 8 hours.

Adding one of these moisturizers to your skincare routine now will help arm it with the hydration it needs for the even harsher winter months ahead.

Advanced AHA Barrier Repair Complex and Idebenone Complex Moisturizing Facial Cream








Stay tuned for PRIORI® Fall Solutions Step 2: Brighten!

*The Idebenone technology is protected by numerous US and International patents: AU 767 909, CA 2 375 537, CN ZL 00 809 884.0, EP 1 194 115, US 6,756,045, ZA 2002/0053, HK 05 101 647.0, NO 2002-0071, BR PI 00 11 958-0. Additional patents pending.