Joe Lewis
The Scientist Behind Many of the Skincare Industry’s Most Breakthrough Anti-aging Technologies

Joseph Lewis, one of the leading cosmeceutical research scientists in the world, has provided the skincare industry with significant anti-aging technology breakthroughs.

Mr. Lewis is President and CEO of US CosmeceuTechs, LLC, a Virginia-based skincare product research and development company with emphasis on both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and the distributor of the PRIORI® and Revaléskin® anti-aging skincare brands. He has a B.S. degree in chemistry with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Lewis was a pioneer in AHA technology and research, the industry’s most successful anti-aging skincare ingredient. He developed and launched the world’s first glycolic acid (AHA) product in 1983 and has since introduced some of the skincare industry’s most innovative breakthrough anti-aging technologies – Idebenone, Triple Lipopeptide Complex™ and Botanical Complex™ – with more exciting technologies in his R&D pipeline, including his latest creations in high performance antioxidants, Allyl PQQ and the first ever AHA Retinoid Conjugate. Elizabeth Arden, one of the most established and well-known global prestige beauty products company, tapped the innovation expertise of US CosmeceuTechs, LLC and Mr. Lewis to collaborate on the development of its Elizabeth Arden PRO and Elizabeth Arden Rx skincare brands.

Former Director of Research & Development for Allergan, Inc. and Executive Vice President and Co-CEO for Herald Pharmacal, Inc., Mr. Lewis has closed major technology licensing transactions in the industry with partners such as Allergan, Stiefel Laboratories (Glaxo Smith Kline), and Elizabeth Arden, cumulatively producing licensing and technology sales revenues in excess of $70 million and cumulative retail product sales exceeding $1 billion.

Committed to researching and developing new antioxidants for skincare therapy, Mr. Lewis developed the concept of EPF® (Environmental Protection Factor), quantification of oxidative stress protection capacity for topical antioxidants. He most recently introduced the concept of TPF (Total Protection Factor), a topical skin product protection scoring system based on UV protection (SPF), antioxidant protection (EPF®) and genetic protection (GPF). Lewis has lectured extensively, both domestically and internationally.