Idebenone Corrects: The Mitochondria Story

Idebenone Corrects
Respiratory chain, mitochondria-targeted antioxidants, like Idebenone, are far more effective at alleviating internal cellular oxidative stress than vitamin or botanical antioxidants because they target the internal source of oxidative stress – the mitochondria. Idebenone targets cellular membranes, most importantly the mitochondrial membrane, to protect the cell from the oxidative stress that causes damage and aging.

By effectively neutralizing toxic free radicals, Idebenone reduces cellular oxidative stress to revitalize cells. A good analogy is a factory; if the workers are all tired and stressed and the equipment is in a constant state of disrepair, factory productivity goes down. Its no different for a cell; if the cell is under a constant state of inflammatory oxidative stress, and the cell structures and vital molecules are in a state of disrepair, cell productivity goes down. Cells have the ability to repair themselves but they are always playing catch up because of the constant state of oxidative stress. Idebenone doesn’t correct cells, it provides the environment for cells to repair themselves; healthy cells look better and therefore, you look better.