How to Combat Chapped Lips

It’s the dead of winter, and your lips may feel a little chapped, or perhaps even cracked. There are numerous tips, tricks, products and services available to help combat chapped lips, but what really works? How can you transform your lips overnight from cracked and stiff to plump and healthy?

The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. During winter months, the recommendation of 8 glasses of water daily is often forgotten because of the chilly temperatures and decreased time spent outdoors. In addition to drinking water, increasing your fruit and veggie intake will help to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

If these solutions don’t seem to do the trick, a light exfoliation can help chapped lips. It is best to exfoliate lips with warm water, a clean washcloth and a gentle scrub. PRIORI® Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub is a great option, because it contains concentrated polyethylene spheres which are both gentle and effective.  First, apply a light layer of the scrub to damp lips; next, use a washcloth to make small, circular movements over the surface of the lips; rinse the scrub off completely and pat dry. This process will slough off dead skin while increasing cell turnover.

Take lip care to a whole new level and “PRIORIitize Your Pout” – an at-home PRIORI® treatment that is designed to rejuvenate the lip and mouth area by exfoliating and deeply replenishing moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Now that your lips look and feel healthy, steer clear of lip balms that contain fragrances, flavor or alcohol, as these ingredients can further irritate your lips and even increase dryness. Look for products that contain vitamin E and shea extract to ensure healthy lips year-round.

Kiss those dry, cracked lips goodbye and say hello to soft, luscious lips this winter!