Exercise Your Face!

The seasons are getting ready to change! The start of a new season is a perfect time to start something new, such as an exercise program. Exercising the body, of course, is essential for well-being and more toned, firm muscles; but have you ever considered exercising your face? After months of enduring the warm summer sun (or harsh elements of winter), skin may appear lifeless and need extra attention – try Facial Yoga!

Facial muscles, like any other muscles, need exercising to maintain tone and shape, and facial yoga can help retain elasticity and reduce signs of wrinkles when performed regularly. High impact exercises, such as running, can actually assist in the break down of the “volume” of the skin, reducing the elasticity of the facial muscles too.

The face is made up of over 60 muscles that can be toned – just like your body. You are never too old, and it’s never too late!









Facial Yoga Principles

  • Facial Yoga is best practiced with correct breathing. Typically, we do not use our breath as we should or fully exhale the air in our lungs.
  • It is important to fully exhale during facial yoga, replacing accumulated CO2 with fresh, oxygenated air. This rests both the mind and body, eliminates stress and works on “the Internal Facial,” just like we do in PRIORI® Yoga massages.
  • Even having your head lower than your body for good blood flow increases youth-giving blood flow to the skin
  • When facial muscles are worked, circulation to the face is increased by 10 times!
  • The end result can be younger, radiant, firmer, glowing skin.

Try these simple exercises daily during your cleansing routine and see how your skin improves. What have you got to lose? Just firm, toned facial muscles!

Face Lift Line
For dramatic results along jawline and upper eyelid area

  • Sit tall in a chair; extend right arm at 45° angle with floor to stretch lower arm
  • Then, reach over head with left arm touching the right temple
  • Breathe in deeply and pull right temple upwards and extend neck
  • Fully extend lower arm to feel a superb lengthening stretch while exhaling
  • Repeat both sides alternately

Combat Facial Stress – The Enemy of Aging!

  • Breathe in from abdomen and slowly breathe out of the nose and mouth for 10 seconds
  • During this time, screw up all your facial muscles towards middle of the face and hold for the 10 seconds (as hard as you can!)
Temple Dancer Eyes

  • This exercise works on the ring muscles around the eyes to firm the skin and reduce eye bags, sagging skin and crow’s feet
  • “Dance” your eyes from one temple to the other, not moving your head

Smiling Fish Face

  • Purse lips then smile slightly – try your best!
  • Fine mouth line remover