The Story Behind CoffeeBerry®

Antioxidants are among the most popular anti-aging “cosmeceuticals” in the marketplace and have become the worldwide skincare anti-aging leaders. Plants have developed unique antioxidant cellular defenses against free radicals, oxidative stress and aging because they are literally “stuck in the sun,” lacking the mobility of animals to relocate to less toxic environmental stress when needed. Being cultivated in the warmer sun-drenched equatorial regions of our planet, the fruit of the coffee plant, or the coffee cherry as it is known, has developed superior free radical defense compounds. These super rich defense compounds are potent antioxidants, known as polyphenols, and whole coffee cherry is loaded with the most potent mixture yet discovered, thus providing even more free radical scavenging health benefits than green teas, fruits or vegetables.

The most potent health benefits of the coffee plant are concentrated in the whole coffee cherry. Unfortunately, in today’s coffee industry, the main components of the coffee cherry, the pulp and mucilage, are traditionally “scrapped” in the process of harvesting and preparation of the coffee bean for roasting. During the traditional harvest of coffee, from 10 lbs. of coffee cherry, the yield is 2 lbs. of coffee beans and 8 lbs. of by-products—80% of the coffee fruit is wasted—and along with it, the multiple health benefits of this super antioxidant rich fruit!

How Did We Learn About the Anti-Aging Skincare Benefits of Whole Coffee Cherry?
Coffee cherry handlers in the world’s tropical coffee growing regions, in spite of a harsh sun drenched environment, have unusually smooth, soft, younger skin on their hands and lower arms because of their exposure to the natural anti-aging benefits of the coffee cherry fruit during picking and harvest. This led scientists to examine the components of the whole coffee cherry and the development of the world’s first and unique mycotoxin free whole coffee cherry extract – CoffeeBerry®. Unlike traditional coffee bean extracts which have been used in cosmetics for many years, CoffeeBerry® is the patented extract of the whole coffee fruit which has been scientifically researched, clinically proven, and endorsed by both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession worldwide!