Bridal Boot Camp: 2 Months Prior – Manis & Pedis

Take a well-deserved break from wedding planning stress and pamper yourself with manicures and pedicures! PRIORI®’s Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals, Idebenone Superceuticals® and CoffeeBerry® Naturceuticals™ manicures and pedicures all provide outstanding anti-aging benefits for the areas that are often neglected in anti-aging skincare regimens – the hands and feet.


Beautiful hands are a must for the bride, as that’s where the wedding ring will be showcased! Proudly flaunt this symbol of eternal love, right along with gorgeous hands, by starting a series of PRIORI® Anti-Aging Manicures. Any of PRIORI®’s three manicures will help hands to appear younger, smoother and revitalized.

Don’t neglect the feet! Indulge in one of PRIORI®’s three Anti-Aging Pedicures for a wonderful exfoliating “medi-pedi” that restores softness and smoothness to tired feet. The feet and legs will feel hydrated, revitalized and nourished with multi-functional antioxidants that protect the skin and deliver powerful anti-aging benefits. Naturally healthy, youthful feet will be peeking out from under your wedding gown with this treatment!

We weren’t kidding when we said a PRIORItized bride will glow from her head to her toes!