1. What is Advanced AHA?
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The latest technological Advanced AHA anti-aging skincare from the original AHA innovators that brought you the first ever glycolic acid based products in 1983; the developers of md formulations and M.D. FORTÉ®.

2. How does Advanced AHA work?
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The first signs of skin aging come from decreased skin moisture content combined with a decrease in skin's natural exfoliation and renewal rate, resulting in dull skin, lack of suppleness, dryness, uneven pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced AHA corrects both of these problems by signaling cells to make HA, our skin's cells natural moisture substance, and therefore prompting the skin to "self moisturize", or moisture from the inside out. A unique combination of Lactic acid and Essential skin antioxidant vitamins helps normalize skin exfoliation and renewal rate to return the skin to more youthful healthy appearance.

3. How is Advanced AHA unique?
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It's the only AHA brand in the market based on LCA Complex, a unique combination of lactic acid, the cell signal AHA natural to the human body, and multiple essential skin antioxidant vitamins - A, C, E & Pro-A in a recyclable complex - all vital to proper skin cell renewal rates.

4. Why should you use Advanced AHA?
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Advanced moisturization and multi-layer skin renewal lead to skin health and normalization, the first step in any anti-aging skincare program.

5. How do you use the products?
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As recommended by your skincare professional.

6. What is AHA?
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AHA is the acronym for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHAs are low molecular weight water soluble organic acids that are found naturally occurring in various fruits and foods; e.g. lactic acid from milk, glycolic acid from sugar cane, malic acid from apples, tartaric acid from grapes and citric acid from citrus fruits.

7. Why are AHA's used in anti-aging skincare treatments?
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AHAs help to normalize skin that has become moisture deficient with an impeded exfoliation rate (retards stratum corneum renewal time) due to skin aging. Normalized skin function leads to a more youthful radiant revitalized appearance of the skin.

AHAs have a dual purpose mechanism of action that is extremely beneficial in the treatment of aging skin.

First, AHAs are moisturizers. Unlike typical moisturizers that act by forming an occlusive barrier on the skin to prevent excessive skin moisture evaporation; AHAs moisturize by "signalling" the skin cells to increase the natural ground substance found in the extra cellular matrix- Hyaluronic acid or HA (not to be confused with AHA). HA is the substance found in skin that binds 1000s of time its molecular weight in water. HA is the skins natural moisture retention substance. AHAs moisturize the skin from the INSIDE OUT!

Secondly, AHAs are natural skin exfoliators. Our skin is constantly renewing itself by a natural process of new cell division, migration of cells to the skin surface, and ultimately skin shedding of dead cells or exfoliation. As we age the process slows down. As dead cells back up in our outer skin layer, the skin becomes dull, sallow, coarse, and is prime residence for fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tones. AHAs exfoliate the skin because they have the unique ability to dissolve the cellular cement that holds dead cells together. AHAs return skin cell exfoliation to its natural youthful rate resulting in improved appearance in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and restoring a more youthful radiant glow to the skin.

8. Why is lactic acid the AHA of choice for PRIORI® Advanced AHA?
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Several reasons led PRIORI® scientists to choose lactic acid as the AHA of choice in the PRIORI® Advanced AHA skincare line. First and foremost, new clinical research has shown that lactic acid is superior to all other AHAs, including glycolic, in its ability to signal the skin cells to increase HA deposition in the skin. In essence, lactic acid is a better skin moisturizer than all other AHAs for this reason. Scientists have now mapped out the sequence of events (mechanisms of action) of AHAs in skin moisturization. The process is closely related to wound healing; in which cells are signaled by the presence of lactic acid to start making HA, the increase of HA in the skin directly results in dramatic increased skin moisturization levels. Lactic is better at this than all other AHAs because it is natural to the human body. Lactic is the "cell signal" AHA for skin moisturization. In addition lactic acid can be oxidized by the skin to pyruvic acid, an alpha-keto acid, even more effective at skin exfoliation than AHA.

9. What is MFAS?
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PRIORI's unique Multi-Functional Antioxidant Sequence (MFAS) Contains the essential vitamin antioxidants necessary for optimal skin health -

  • Vitamin A : enhances cell metabolism and increase cell turnover rate
  • Vitamin C: antioxidant that stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant important to cell membrane protection
  • Pro-Vitamin A: antioxidant that acts as a reservoir for Vitamin A synthesis

The MFAS is combined in a liposome delivery system that is time released, self regenerating and stable in formulation. The human body recycles its antioxidants in order to get maximum benefits in a delicate balance of sequential regeneration. PRIORI's unique MFAS antioxidant combination is designed to best enhance the natural cell process.

10. What is LCA Complex?
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LCA Complex is a unique blend of pH balanced lactic compound (lactic acid + sodium lactate) with a Multi-Functional Antioxidant Sequence (MFAS) that delivers optimal anti-aging results. LCA COMPLEX = Lactic Compound + MFAS Because AHAs are acids, proper formulation is essential to deliver the desired benefits without unnecessary irritation. Lactic Compound a buffered mixture of Lactic Acid and Sodium Lactate, pH balanced to 3.8 - 4.4 (close to the pH of normal skin) by partial neutralization of the acid. Buffered Lactic Compound creates a reservoir of lactic acid molecules, allowing a slower time released delivery to the skin, thus making higher concentrations of lactic acid safe and non-irritating to the skin for optimal results.

11. Are AHA's irritating to the skin?
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AHAs are not irritating to the skin if formulated properly at the correct pH levels, above pH 3.5. Many years ago in the early 90's we established the relationship between AHA product's pH & concentration and the effect on skin irritation and sensitivity. AHA product irritation is a function of pH and not concentration. Therefore, if AHA products are formulated at pH 3.5 or greater they produce very little skin sensitivity or irritation. By raising product pH levels through the process of partial neutralization of the AHA we can deliver higher concentrations of AHA, needed for the most dramatic anti-aging benefits, without unnecessary skin irritation. PRIORI® Advanced AHA products are formulated in this manner with products pH's ranging from 3.8-4.4 much closer to the natural pH of the skin.

12. Do AHA's thin the skin?
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One might think that AHAs thin the skin because they increase skin exfoliation or dead cell sloughing. However, this is only a very superficial effect, and to the contrary, AHAs actually increase skin epidermal/dermal thickness due to the increase in Hyaluronic Acid deposition in the skin associated with AHA use (see Q. 7) An increase in HA in the skin leads to a dramatic increase in the moisture retention properties of the skin - actually plumping the skin, making it thicker through increased moisturization.

13. Can AHAs be used on all skin types?
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Yes, AHAs will provide benefits for all skin types.

14. How does PRIORI® Advanced AHA compare to other glycolic based?
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PRIORI® Advanced AHA products are based on lactic acid, most AHA skincare products are based on glycolic acid. New research has shown that lactic acid is the AHA of choice because it's the human body's natural cell signaling moisturizing agent (see Q .8) Glycolic acid is not natural to the human body. In general, expect superior moisturizing properties, increased epidermal/dermal thickness, and improved appearance of photodamaged skin compared to other Glycolic acid based product ranges.

15. Do AHAs cause sun sensitivity?
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Yes, AHAs do increase skin sun sensitivity and should therefore always be used in conjunction with an SPF 15 or greater sunscreen. Additionally, wearing a hat with a wide brim at least 4 inches wide, wearing lightweight sun protective clothing, and staying out of the sun when its rays are the strongest, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., are additional measures that can be taken.

16. Do AHAs cause skin inflammation?
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AHAs do not work by a mechanism of plumping the skin as a result of skin inflammation. AHAs plump the skin through moisturization (see Q. 7). AHAs if formulated at the correct pH level, 3.5 or greater, do not cause skin inflammation.

17. Are there any side effects with AHA use?
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AHA-based products may cause mild stinging or irritation when first applied however, the sensation should disappear within several minutes and usually subsides after several uses.

18. Where can PRIORI® Advanced AHA products be purchased?
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PRIORI® Advanced AHA is a prestige line of skin care available to purchase directly through skincare professionals ensuring an individualized regimen specific to skin type with maximum results.

19. Does it take long to see results from PRIORI® Advanced AHA use?
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Within a few weeks of using PRIORI® Advanced AHA products on a regular basis, skin should begin to look and feel smoother, younger and healthier. The look of fine lines and wrinkles will begin to diminish and complexion and texture will appear more even. An average of 2 to 6 weeks should be allowed for visible results, depending on the condition of the skin prior to using PRIORI® Advanced AHA products.

20. Can PRIORI® Advanced AHA be used in conjunction with other products?
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PRIORI® Advanced AHA is a comprehensive skin care line designed to enhance the outcome of any skin care regimen, and can be used in combination with other skin care products as well as with make-up. It is important to choose skin care products that are non-irritating, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested for optimal skin health.

21. Have the products ever been tested on Animals?
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No, the products are not tested on Animals. All clinical testing is performed on human subject volunteers.

22. Can I use PRIORI® Advanced AHA Skincare products if I am pregnant
or lactating?
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Cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals and most Prescription Drugs are not tested for reproductive toxicology. PRIORI® Advanced AHA skincare products have not be tested and it is a personal choice between the client and his/her physician if any products should be used during pregnancy. Client's should always refer to their doctor for this answer.