A Healthier, Brighter You in 2013!

The start of a new year is time for resolutions! Without a doubt, healthier lifestyles are at the top of the list for New Year’s resolutions, and at already nearly a month into 2013, many of us have been feverishly exercising, sticking to our promises for a healthier year.

Exercise isn’t only terrific for the body – it offers many benefits to your skin, too! While you’re catching your breath after a workout, your skin is releasing toxins; your blood circulation is dramatically improving; and the post-workout radiant glow on your skin helps it look beautiful, healthy and supple. Sometimes, however, at the start of an exercise program, your skin may not seem too happy with the sudden increase in activity – especially if it is still recovering from the effects of too much holiday indulgences! Exercise breakouts occur when sweat mixes with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, and can overwhelm pores, leading to clogging. While this may not seem like good news, there is a silver lining: If we know what causes sweat-induced breakouts, we can prevent them!

Incorporate a healthy skin care regimen that works well with your new fitness routine for a healthier you in 2013 – all the way around – with these PRIORITY Top 10 Tips:

  1. Because of the “work-out glow” that occurs during exercise, towels can be essential during a tough session; the key, however, is correct use of them! Rather than rubbing your face with a towel to remove excess sweat, gently pat the skin with it instead. Vigorous rubbing can irritate pores, causing inflammation and breakouts, leading to workout blemishes.
  2. Use products that offer non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) properties, and use an oil-free base, such as Cellular Recovery Serum, Moisturizing Facial Cream or Barrier Repair Complex.
  3. SPF protection is one of the most important steps in a healthy skincare regimen. When exercising outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions are – snow, rain, wind or sun – always cover exposed skin with an SPF, because UVA and UVB rays are present year round! Choosing an SPF with antioxidants, such as Radical Defense EPF® 95+/SPF 30, Daily Defense SPF 30 or Natural Daily Protection SPF 25, will offer total topical anti-aging protection, helping to prevent further damage to the skin.
  4. If you wear foundation while exercising, use a light mineral skincare product. A rich foundation can feel unpleasant and usually does not hold up well to workouts, not to mention that many contain ingredients that clog pores. CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundations SPF 25 are the ideal choice for those who wear foundation to the gym; not only are they non-comedegenic, but they also offer anti-inflammatory benefits that will help combat workout redness.
  5. Applying lotion before swimming helps prevent chlorine from drying the skin, and should be especially applied to the face, décolleté and hands. A layer of SPF, such as Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30, serves as a great barrier for the skin. Shower after swimming and replace lost moisture from harsh chlorine water with Age Defying Body Cream, Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion or Body Emulsion.
  6. A short, warm shower using mild products is ideal post-exercise; hot water rinses away too much of the skin’s own oil, and cold showers can cause sweating to quickly start again. Use a cleanser for the face and body that has a mild pH-value, because this is similar to the skin’s own pH, such as Revitalizing Cleanser.
  7. The sooner you remove excess sweat and oil after exercise, the less likely blemishes will appear. Acne-prone skin should be treated with an anti-blemish, yet gentle cleanser, such as Gentle Facial Cleanser. For normal skin, Revitalizing Cleanser or Facial Cleanser will leave skin soft and smooth.
  8. If you are prone to “bacne” or other body breakouts, Invigorating Face & Body Scrub should be a gym bag staple! With the correct blend of AHAs, plus tiny polyethylene beads to polish away dead skin cells, weekly use helps keep the pores clear from head to toe.
  9. Calm down a reddened complexion by using soothing agents post-shower. Redness-remedy hero, Barrier Repair Complex, is excellent for calming and soothing the skin and serves as an all-around “first-aid” for all skin types. For a more intensive treatment, try Replenishing Masque; add a thick layer after cleansing and leave on for 10 minutes; after rinsing off the masque, apply Barrier Repair Complex for nourished, radiant skin. This treatment is ideal for weekly use in helping to maintain healthy skin.
  10. Blemish suffers’ must-have gym bag item is Perfection Facial Gel. So versatile, Perfection Facial Gel can be used on isolated areas, such as blackhead-prone spots, T-Zone and individual blemishes, or as an all-over skin corrector for oily complexions.

Follow these simple pre- and post-workout skincare tips, and you’ll find those annoying sweat-induced pimples clearing up in no time!

Remember, one of the keys to having a healthy body and glowing complexion is also what goes into the body. PRIORI® Dietary Supplements help achieve clear, radiant skin, assist with skin irregularities, and provide antioxidant protection from within. The more exertion that results from exercising, the more free radicals the body makes, so be sure to treat your skin from both inside and out. Drink plenty of water, as replacing fluids into the body is good for the skin too!

Be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work in reaching your New Year’s goals! Treat yourself to a PRIORI® Professional Treatment! From peels, to WOW Factor Facials to Yoga Facial with Massages, to Age Reverals Body Treatments, PRIORI®  offers a tremendous range of professional face and body treatments to help healthy skin while feeling pampered.

Here’s to a healthier, brighter you in 2013! We at PRIORI® hope that 2013 will be hugely successful for you on every level!