The Rules of Attraction

It’s an age-old question: What brings two people together? Is there a certain scent, look or behavior that immediately attracts individuals to one another? Surprisingly, researchers have found that the skin’s complexion is a big factor when rating attractiveness. Not only do people focus on the symmetry of a person’s face, but they also analyze their complexion. Studies of individuals reviewing photographs found people with red and yellowish tints to be overwhelmingly more attractive. Research shows these tints are universally more attractive because the colors subliminally signal health and abundance. In fact, research confirms females actually prefer a healthy complexion … Continue reading

Banish a Blemish

No one likes blemishes – they are a pain and tend to make an appearance at the worst times! Whether it’s finding a blemish in the morning – feeling the sensations of a “heartbeat” on your chin that was NOT there before you went to bed – or a chronic cluster of blemishes if you suffer with a skin condition such as acne, blemishes are NOT WELCOME! We are frequently asked during skin consultations for tips to manage blemishes and steps to quickly banish and prevent them. As with many skincare tips, however, topically applied products are not the only … Continue reading