Back to School – Tips for Teen Skincare

As summer ends, it’s also the start of a new school year for many and a time when new routines begin. It’s a perfect time for teens to incorporate caring for their skin into these new routines for a school year of blemish-free, healthy skin! Acne, of course, is the main skin problem teens battle. Whether acne is an issue or not, however, caring for the skin is essential in keeping it healthy. Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals products are perfect for introducing a teen to the benefits of healthy skincare, as they work to improve skin health and fitness through internal … Continue reading

Get “BACK” to Basics with PRIORI®!

Have you been taking care of your back? After spending months “undercover,”  the back is suddenly on show during the warm summer months. While you may have been diligent in taking care of your face, a sudden panic sets in when a blemished back is revealed to the world in summer clothes! With higher temperatures leading to even more blocked pores, congestion can occur; in the treatment world, we use the term, “bacne,” for this condition. PRIORI® comes to the rescue for “bacne,” with homecare products and professional treatments to help get your back into show-off condition! Cleansing is key to … Continue reading