TRACY’S TRAVELS: A Month in My Skin – Chapter 1

So often people comment on my life of traveling the globe working with our fabulous PRIORI® partners so I wanted to share my secrets on how I keep my skin healthy as a “globetrotter!” I just recently took a month-long trip from the UK to New Zealand and Australia, and it was imperative that my skin stay in tiptop condition as I enthuse the PRIORI® passion in my seminars and events. From previous messages and requests, I have been asked about my routine and how I maintain my skin. The true answer is that I don’t always follow the same … Continue reading

Skin Cancer Awareness

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – a perfect time to focus on proper sun protection and to educate ourselves on this important and possibly life-saving topic. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that approximately 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and 65 percent of melanomas are due to exposure to UV radiation from the sun, making sun protection of utmost importance in preventing skin cancer. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY:  UNDERSTAND THE FACTS AND LINGO! UVA (Ultraviolet A/”A” for Aging): UVA plays a major role in wrinkling, leathering, sagging and other effects of photoaging, as it penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB. … Continue reading

Indulge Mom with PRIORI® this Mother’s Day!

If you’re tired of giving the same flowers and breakfast in bed to your mother for her special day, really mix it up this year and indulge her with PRIORI®. Whether you choose to treat her to a massage and facial at her favorite spa, or purchase products so she can pamper herself at home, she’s sure to love it. PRIORI® has a few beautiful ideas to help you decide the best investment for PRIORITIZING mom this Mother’s Day: WOW Factor Facial – This treatment provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and … Continue reading