Rosacea Awareness Month

As the month comes to a close, we want to recognize that April is designated as Rosacea Awareness Month by the National Rosacea Society (NRS). For us at PRIORI®,it is something that we are very passionate about and want to raise awareness for long after April is ended. As many as 45 million people worldwide suffer from rosacea! That is an astonishing number, and what is even more surprising is that only a small fraction is being treated for it.   Typical signs of rosacea include frequent flushing/blushing, persistent redness, bumps and pimples, and visible blood vessels. Other symptoms from … Continue reading

Bridal Boot Camp: 2 Months Prior – Body Treatments

A PRIORItized bride is one who is glowing from head to toe! While the 3-month mark focused on facial skin, it is now time to address the rest of the body. Your wedding gown will be beautiful, and so will you – all the way down to your toes by the time you’re finished with Bridal Boot Camp! Now is the perfect time to start a series of weekly relaxing PRIORI® Anti-Aging Body Treatments. Be sure to focus on areas that will be exposed in your wedding gown, such as the décolleté and back. Try the Advanced AHA Hydrating and … Continue reading

Be Greener with CoffeeBerry®

Earth Day is April 22 – a time when many are looking for ways to take better care of our earth. Did you realize that even your beauty routine could have an impact on our planet? Think about all the trees used for the cartons, chemicals in the plastic containers and non-recyclable packaging that will negatively impact the environment. Taking care of yourself and the environment, however, is easy with CoffeeBerry®* Natureceuticals™.   All-natural CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ is a simple solution to an eco-friendly skincare regimen without compromising results. As a matter of fact, CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ is the first all-natural skincare … Continue reading

Put Some “Zing” Into Your Skin This Spring!

While PRIORI® Professional Treatments are absolutely superb for “springing” into fresh youthful skin, adding PRIORI® Dietary Supplements and Cellular Recovery Serum can really add some extra “zing” by helping to provide the additional nourishment the skin needs after several months of being exposed to winter’s free radicals! Although winter is past us, the mayhem it may have left on the skin is not!   INTERNAL SKIN HEALTH Did you know that one of the most important indicators of a person’s age and general health is the appearance of his or her skin? Sustainable beauty comes from having optimal health within, … Continue reading

Bridal Boot Camp KickOff!

If wedding plans are in your future, turn to PRIORI® Skincare to help you look your absolute best for your wedding day! PRIORI®’s got the bride – and the entire bridal party – covered with Bridal Boot Camp. Follow these guidelines, starting three months prior to your wedding date, and be a PRIORITIZED bride with beautiful, radiant skin and luscious lashes on the big day!     HOME SKINCARE REGIMEN Three months prior to your wedding day, visit with your PRIORI® Skincare professional to start a home skincare regimen custom designed to address your specific skincare needs and concerns. With … Continue reading

Spring Your Body Back Into Shape!

Spring is here, and it’s time to get ourselves looking marvelous for skin-baring clothes! If you’re trying to fight off a few extra stubborn holiday or “winter hibernation” pounds, let PRIORI® help you in your battle! PRIORI®’s CoffeeBerry®* Naturally Slimming Body Treatment targets problem areas, such as the hips, abdomen and thighs, providing a multitude of benefits to help spring your body back into shape! Naturally Slimming Body Treatments help to: Revitalize and firm the skin Reduce inches from hips, thighs, abdomen and other problem areas Minimize the appearance of cellulite Smooth skin texture Even skin tone This must-have spring … Continue reading