Spring Into Fresh, Youthful Skin!

Spring has sprung, but after the harsh winter season, your skin may be challenged – in need of extra nourishment and detoxification to kick start the rejuvenation process. Let the rejuvenation begin and thrive with PRIORI® Professional Treatments – perfect for getting that winter-stressed skin back into shape for a more youthful-looking you from head to toe for spring! When professional treatments are combined with a PRIORI® homecare regimen, even better, faster and more long-lasting results can be achieved. With no downtime and immediate gratification, PRIORI® facials and eye treatments should be a PRIORIty on your spring to-do list! Skin-Boosting … Continue reading

Spring Break PRIORIties!

Aaahhh…the signs of spring are in the air, and we will all be officially kicking off spring soon with SPRING BREAK! You may be ready to “spring” into spring, but is your skin? After several months of harsh winter conditions, it may need a little help for your spring break plans, and it’s PRIORI® Skincare to the rescue to help get your skin looking as fresh as the new blossoms and signs of spring that surround us!     PRIORI® Facial PRIORI® offers 16 facials that will “spring” your skin into shape in no time! All provide immediate gratification, while … Continue reading