Free Radicals: “Agents of Aging”

We hear about free radicals quite regularly now, but do most of you really understand what they are and the effects they have on our skin? In a nutshell, free radicals are something to be very aware of; not only do they damage our skin, but free radicals can even accelerate its aging process. Free Radicals – Scientist’s Definition Free radicals are unstable molecules with unpaired electrons that must return to a stable state by giving away an electron to another molecule (reduction reaction), or by taking an electron from another molecule (oxidation reaction). They react with enzymes, sugars, amino … Continue reading

PRIORIty Tips & Guidelines

Follow these six Tips & Guidelines from PRIORI® Skincare to help protect against the telltale signs of aging and possibly even reverse certain types of skin damage – 90 percent of which are caused by the sun! 1. SUNSCREEN (SPF 25 OR HIGHER) & ANTIOXIDANTS Sunscreen is key to maintaining radiant, youthful-looking skin, and daily use may even lower the long-term risk of skin cancer. Reducing daily sun exposure and wearing sunscreen allows the skin time to heal and gives the immune system a chance to repair existing damage, while the antioxidants in PRIORI® sunscreens and skincare products can help … Continue reading


PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation certainly isn’t your average mineral foundation! Clinically proven to improve the skin, CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals are the first and only 100% natural mineral collection infused with CoffeeBerry® extract to provide the most potent natural antioxidant protection and exceptional cosmeceutical grade anti-aging benefits. As if that was not enough already, we’ve found numerous other beautiful uses for Perfecting Minerals that are just the thing for end-of-summer gorgeousness! Skin Enhancer/Bronzer:  Sun Kissed is an absolute must for summer beauty! And it’s not just for the face – it can be used all over as a sunless tanner. Simply … Continue reading

Summer Sandal Pedicure

Spring and early summer were “prime pedicure time”; after our feet were cooped up all winter, we needed a little help to get them ready for summer sandals. They looked perfect then, but now after a few months of wearing summer sandals and flip flops, which actually promote hard, rough skin and unsightly heals, those poor feet are probably in dire need of some help! Skip the “regular” pedicure this time and go for something more results oriented: a PRIORI® Pedicure! PRIORI®’s range of pedicures all utilize either chemical peels with AHAs, BHAs, or enzyme-based specialized treatments, to reveal softer, … Continue reading

Hands Show Telltale Signs of Aging Too!

Do you wear gloves 24/7, 365 days a year? I didn’t think so! This means your hands are receiving a tremendous amount of UV exposure. Hands are often overlooked when considering sun protection, although they can sometimes reveal the most unattractive signs of skin aging! Protect them! When you apply sunscreen to your face daily, remember to apply it to your hands as well. Also, be sure to keep sunscreen handy in your car to help avoid a “driver’s tan” – protect your hands and that arm that hangs out the window. If your hands are already looking older than … Continue reading

Hydrating Facial Treatments for Summer

Explode the myths that peels are for winter only – peels actually thicken and dramatically hydrate the skin and are a must for summer, too. Incorporating PRIORI® Skincare’s professional facial treatments into your regimen will provide the ultimate in hydration and even repair some of the damage your skin has already incurred from too much fun in the sun. The Advanced AHA 30-minute Replenishing Peel is ideal for extremely dry, stressed skin (a condition that is certainly likely to occur during these hot summer months). This relaxing, results-focused treatment stimulates skin hydration from within and promotes a more youthful, radiant … Continue reading

PRIORI® Expert Skincare Blog Kickoff!

Welcome to PRIORI® Skincare’s Expert Skincare blog! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share the benefits of PRIORI® Skincare with the world! DISCOVER THE SCIENCE OF SKIN TRANSFORMATION with advanced skincare tips, education, seasonal solutions from PRIORI®, conquering skincare problems, maximizing PRIORI® skincare products and much, much more. I am certain you will find the PRIORI® Expert Skincare Blog to be an invaluable resource for keeping your skin beautiful and radiant! Be sure to subscribe to our posts – you won’t want to miss a thing…especially when our very own scientist and cosmeceutical pioneer, Joe Lewis, shares his … Continue reading